AUTODESK VRED 3D Visualization Add-ons

nVIZ is a pioneer in making high-end design visualization available along the complete product lifecycle. nVIZ is the first to offer a seamless integration of AUTODESK VRED PROFESSIONAL into TEAMCENTER, the leading PLM-System of Siemens Industry Software Inc., as well as an integration for the vehicle dynamics simulation software CarSim of Mechanical Dynamics Inc. nVIZ fully automates the data preparation for your Virtual Reality scenes. Thus eliminating the time consuming and error-prone manual data preparation to free up time for the creative part of your work. Our sales will be happy to provide you with more information and your individual quotation!

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nVIZ' vehicle dynamics integration for VRED makes physically correct ride and handling maneuvers available for your virtual vehicle models. Kick-off your design reviews with stunning drive-up scenarios and render your marketing movies true to life.

  • Drive Scene Abstract Env.

  • Drive Scene Laser Scan Env.

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Product Lifecycle Management for AUTODESK VRED PROFESSIONAL

nVIZ' Teamcenter integration for VRED makes your digital prototypes an integral part of your PLM strategy. The seamless integration of AUTODESK VRED with Teamcenter of Siemens Industry Software Inc. makes sure that your virtual prototypes remain synchronized with your engineering data at every point of your product's lifecycle. For first-time-right management decisions. Leading manufacturing companies like BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH rely on the PLM-integration of nVIZ.

BSH Customer Story

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HDR Light Studio for AUTODESK VRED

Create the perfect HDRI environment in minutes with HDR Light Studio. Lighting shots is now fast, precise and easy. Simply click on the model in VRED to position lights on a live HDRI map.
“In the past, a HDRI was a closed format for us. We had to use it 'as it was'. With HDR Light Studio, these files are open and fully accessible - it's like painting with light! This tool gives us total creative freedom”. Tom Nowak, Lean Design
> LightPaint:click on the 3D model in VRED to position lights.
> Create and edit HDRI maps in real-time.
> Procedural lights, image based lights and procedural sky.
> Includes a large library of HDRI light source captures.
> HDR Light Studio project is stored in the VRED scene file.
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Optimized Workflows with MS-Excel for AUTODESK VRED PROFESSIONAL

nVIZ' Microsoft Excel integration for AUTODESK VRED PROFESSIONAL fully automates the creation of your Virtual Reality models based on product data and variants managed in Excel spreadsheets. Benefit from the ease-of-use and the powerful features of Excel for organizing your data and create your complete VRED model per mouse click from your Excel spreadsheet. Our Excel-Add-on will launch VRED, import all your CAD data, organize the VRED scene graph corresponding to your product structure, create all the VRED variant sets and apply all the material shaders from a material library. Creating a VRED scene has never been this easy, fast and precise.