AUTODESK ALIAS - Industrial and Automotive Design Suite

Autodesk® Alias® software products ― Alias® AutoStudio, Alias® Surface, Alias® Concept, Alias® SpeedForm and Alias® Design ― offer a premium range of tools for industrial designers, modelers and technical surfacing experts in automotive and other industries.

Through a continuous workflow from concept to production quality surfaces, the Alias software provides industry-leading surfacing capabilities ― supported by best-in-class sketching, modeling and visualization tools ― helping you to create innovative and compelling designs faster than your competition, while maintaining design intent throughout the process.

Part of the Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping, Alias software helps designers rapidly develop and iterate sketch concepts, 3D conceptual models and detailed designs, and to deliver Class-A production ready surfaces to engineering, ensuring that designs address both aesthetic and functional requirements.

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  • Application Case

    Désirée Bein, Designer

    "The Autodesk industrial design suite offers me a perfect workflow - from my first sketch up to the final 3D model."