Customer Stories

BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH

For global players like BSH, standardization of processes and integration into the IT-systems is absolutely essential. From styling to engineering, marketing and sales. New elements to the PLM strategy need to meet high demands. nVIZ' seamless integration of high-end visualization technology along the complete product life cycle exactly meets these requirements.
"We see the primary progress, in the ability to create photorealistic and interactive product visualizations with a high level of automization at every stage and without a media breach in the VR-scenes for downstream processes in development, sales, marketing and service", explains Robert Gotschy, Director Design Regional Brands and Projectleader "VirtualReality@BSH" the importance for his company.

SIEMENS Pictures of the Future


3C Carbon Composite Company GmbH

Introducing new materials like carbon composites for design relevant surfaces on high-performance vehicles and other luxury products is a challenging task. The material's surface structure creates a totally new customer experience. To study all the details of finishing, lighting and reflections before the first tool is produced, it calls for highly sophisticated virtual prototypes from nVIZ.