nVIZ Company Profile

Our business objective is the design of innovative concepts, methods and software tools to make digital prototypes an integral part of your Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) strategy.
nVIZ' unique vPLM process redefines the way virtual prototypes are created and used in styling, design, engineering, marketing and services. We develop solutions that guarantee the maximum return on investment from your digital prototypes for Virtual Reality (VR) and Functional Performance Simulation (FPS).
We optimize virtual prototyping processes by automating repetitive tasks to free up time for your creative work. nVIZ implements seamless, automated workflows, independent of the IT-systems used by our customers in advanced manufacturing industries to manage their product data. This ranges from the automatic creation of virtual reality models based on data stored in simple Excel spread sheets, all the way to the complete integration of Virtual Reality into the most complex PLM-backbones of global enterprises.
Founded in 2009, based on more than 20 years of experience in the implementation of digital prototyping processes at industry leaders around the world, nVIZ has a unique expertise in the complete scope of digital prototyping. Including Functional Performance Simulation for acoustics, fluid dynamics, durabilty, motion, structures and thermodynamics, as well as the Virtual Reality applications for styling, engineering and marketing.


nVIZ Management

Ingolf Rehfeld founded nVIZ in 2009 with the business objective, to help visionary industry leaders maximize their return on investment by making digital prototyping an integral part of their Product Lifecycle Management strategy. Rehfeld graduated from the University of Stuttgart in 1990 with a degree in aerospace engineering. In the course of his career, he gathered a wide expertise in Functional Performance Simulation processes and Virtual Reality applications.
Ingolf Rehfeld held several management positions at leading virtual prototyping software vendors. As Director of Product Management at LMS International, General Manager of LMS Germany and Head of International Sales at RTT in Munich, Rehfeld managed major deployments of digital prototyping solutions at automotive companies and other manufacturing industries in Asia, Europe and the US.